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To Millions in Mere Minutes: Use Emails to Maximize Your Political Campaigns

Political campaigns are best implemented online: with the ability to reach a horde of people at the speed of light, you can amp up your political campaign by signing up for our email services.

Use the cyber space as a tool to market your campaign or your personal opinions. Political e-marketing is a strategy that not only sets you apart from the rest of your competitors but also boosts your chances of attracting a larger audience. Send your political campaign messages via emails to your supporters and have their unconditional support in an instant.

With our emails as part of your political or personal opinion campaign, you can reach out to millions of supporters in mere minutes. Our email services are for all: Republicans, Democrats, Progressives, and Independents. Get in touch with us and maximize your outreach by leaps and bounds. We offer you secure, virus and spam-free services. All your confidential information is safe and secure in our hands.

Services available to

  1. Web-mail Client and or standard desktop email programs.
  2. You have access to chat and video conferencing via your web-mail client
  3. Manage contact lists
  4. Manage tasks
  5. Create and manage notes
  6. Setup team workspaces collaboration with our embedded enterprise software
  7. Have complete calendaring capabilities you can share with your friends
  8. Get statistics and email reports on how much Spam and viruses have been filtered
  9. Access Junk email and setup filters
  10. Create folders and email message rules for your incoming emails
  11. You can block trolls via the webmail client
  12. Use file storage for your commonly sent files
  13. Manage your complete in-box

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Technology and Security

  1. Use POP3.
  2. Use IMAP.
  3. Use Authenticated SMTP for sending messages.
  4. All Secure with the finest SSL an TLS encryption.
  5. Mobile, Tablet or Computer accessible.
  6. Complete Spam prevention and message sniffer technology to ensure a clean email in-box.
  7. Complete Virus Scanning technology for all incoming email.
  8. Enterprise features such as group video conference is available with your email address.

PRIVACY INFORMATION: will keep any and all information collected by this site completely confidential unless requested in a material criminal investigation. USpoliticalemail is not in the business of creating email lists to sell. Our only interest is delivering a quality service product, complete anonymous execution of your account and total identity protection. Any information collected at the time of sale is only enough to process the order. Your information is encrypted, archived and stored away for you to access.

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