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Setting up Microsoft Outlook:

Go to account settings

Enter your new email address

Enter your new email address password

Outlook auto detects and sets up the new mail account

Account is now listed as active

That's it for Outlook 2016.


Go to email account setup and select (Manual setup or additional server types) then the Next button

There are 2 types of email accounts. POP3 allows removal of messages from server after successful download. IMAP allows you to run simultaneously on the email server while keeping a copy synced on your email client

POP3 settings: fill it in with exact incoming and outgoing server information (we always use for both incoming and outgoing email server information) As you can see was used in the graphic example. Your user name is aways your full email address and password

IMAP Setting: Just like POP3 but with IMAP selected (we always use for both incoming and outgoing email server information) As you can see was used in the graphic example.. You will then click More Settings Button after selecting IMAP or POP3

After clicking (More Settings ...) Button you will select the outgoing server tab. service is not an open gateway so you will need to use your email and password to send emails. Click check box (My outgoing server (SMTP ) requires authentication.) Then select log on using your email address and password. Click Remember password otherwise you will need to enter it every-time you want to send an email.

After clicking OK then Next, The email client will do a self test for both send and receive. if this fails check all settings and passwords again.

After it passes you get an all set type message and you are ready to go

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