Why Businesses Need Secure Email Addresses

Still haven’t gotten a secure and encrypted email account for your business? You need to change that right now!

Protect Financial Information

Business emails include records of a lot of transactions and payments made with vendors and clients. Email inboxes of small businesses and startups, in particular, are flooded with bills, receipts, invoices, and various other documents containing sensitive information about their financial records.

Imagine if a hacker were to get their hands on this information. They would get access to the company’s banking account numbers, or an employee’s credit card or social security numbers. This can cause some serious financial damage to the business.

Having an encrypted email address can protect your business. By safeguarding the financial information exchanged between you and your clients, it can ensure nobody else gets access to it. Even if a hacker manages to invade your account, they won’t be able to read the emails containing all that information.

Protect Confidential Information

Personal information, too, is at risk in an unencrypted email account. Considering the amount of private and secretive information that is exchanged over emails, having this privacy breached can have devastating consequences for your business.

A secure email ensures that only the intended recipients get to see the information being exchanged. It maintains the privacy between the two parties, preventing a third party to get access to that information.

Filter Spam Mail Effectively

Unlike the many free email services that do not efficiently filter spam and malware, encrypted email services make this a priority. Sending out email through an insecure email service can get your message marked as spam. Your recipients may never even read that email unless they check their spam folder.

The chances of your email ending up as junk mail are reduced when using a secure business email address. The attachments you may send to clients can be easily accessed as the emails are detected by the digital signature they contain marking them as genuine. Thus, not only does a secure email prevents your email getting marked as spam, it also filters out malware and spamming being directed your way quite effectively.

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