Ways to Improve Your Email Click-Through Rate

Is your email marketing click-through rate (CTR) not as high as you’d like it to be? Don’t worry, keeping customer engagement rates high enough is a common struggle for many digital marketers.

Still, it is a cause of concern; less CTR means fewer leads, which means lesser sales. This can have a direct impact upon your income. That’s why it is crucial to have emails that subscribers will want to click open to see.

How can you do that, you may ask? An effective email marketing campaign with a good CTR relies on the following important things to generate more leads and boost sales.

Have a Stellar CTA

It is ultimately the CTA that will prompt the recipient of your email to follow through and check out your website. It is where the actual click happens. Your subscribers should have a clear direction of what they’re supposed to do. If you want them to click through, and convert, while going through your email, you need to have an effective call-to-action.

Segment Your Recipient List

Segmenting your email list will not only improve your click-through rate, it will actually work towards improving your overall email marketing results. Segmented lists work because they let you send targeted emails to audiences that are actually interested in reading what they’re receiving. If you’re sending a generic email to everyone, you run the risk of engaging no one. When it comes to improving your CTR, a one-size-fits-all approach is not what you’re looking for. Tailor your content according to your demographic.


Personalizing Emails

Whenever possible, it is better to personalize emails in order to make them more relevant for individual subscribers. Stats show how personalization helps improve CTR by 14% and can improve conversion rate by 10%. Personalizing your emails can be as simple mentioning the recipient’s name in the subject line or using other information such as purchase history, job title, etc.

Steer Clear of Spam Triggers

If your email isn’t even ending up in your recipient’s inbox, then you will obviously have a low CTR. Make sure you follow the rules and avoid triggers so that your mail doesn’t end up in spam. You should include:

  •  A personalized message for the subscriber
  •  Your business’s physical address
  •  An option that can let your subscribers unsubscribe anytime they want

You should avoid:

  •  Too many irrelevant images
  •  Unnecessarily capitalized words
  •  Needless hyperlinks
  •  Sales-y or spam-y words

A successful email marketing strategy includes a lot of elements. Make sure you’re using safe and anonymous email services for your campaign. USpoliticalemail.com offers a variety of packages for identity protection emails and encrypted domains.

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