The Essential Elements of a Fundraising Email

Successful fundraising can take considerable time and effort. Email marketing, however, presents an efficient and cost-effective way of appealing to prospective donors. Sending out numerous emails at the click of a button is a great way of asking for their help and showing your gratitude while not overspending.

If you’re running a political campaign, email marketing should be at the core of your fundraising strategy. Emails are still a much-utilized method of communication and have great potential to engage recipients.

Here are a few essential elements that make up a successful fundraising political email.

Incorporate a Branded Header

It is always useful to incorporate your campaign’s logo in the header of the email. If you have a specific campaign hashtag, you can use that as well. Your email needs to be as far from being ambiguous as it can. Branding your emails will help recipients recognize your campaign and perhaps, recall a previous positive association.

Use Catchy Visuals

People prefer images over text; visual content is easy to go through and understand; it also forms deeper emotional meanings and connections. It can be useful for demonstrating to prospective donors what your campaign and mission are all about. People spend only 1-15 seconds going through an email, and since we process images faster than words, it is vital that you use eye-catchy visuals in your fundraising email.

A Concise Yet Compelling Appeal

The entire point of your fundraising email is to make an appeal to readers; you’re appealing them to make a donation, to vote for you, to support you, etc. So, your appeal should be impressive enough to convince them. The appeal should be able to elaborate on what the problem is, how you can help find the solution, and how the recipients’ donations will directly make an impact in bringing about that solution.

The Perfect Call-To-Action

A fundraising email without a CTA is useless. The whole point of a CTA is to bring the email home and direct readers towards what they should do. Make sure your CTA uses action verbs and lets readers know what the next step to take is. Phrases like “Donate now,” or “Register now” are some useful examples.

Follow Up with a “Thank You” Email

An overlooked part of many fundraising campaigns is the follow-up email thanking donators for making the donation and supporting your campaign. Showing gratitude and giving confirmation for their donation can further cement their support for you and help you in future endeavors as well.


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