The Best Tactics to Build a Political Email List

Looking to expand your political email list for your campaign? Follow these tactics to get maximum outreach!  

Use Social Media

If you’re not using social media for your political campaign, you’re seriously lagging behind.

It’s the digital age where news travels quicker through social media than any other platform and you absolutely must utilize this channel! Unsurprisingly, social media is a great way to build an email list as well.

Add a CTA in your bio that would direct your followers to the landing page or persuade them to sign up for your email list. Different social medial platforms have different ways of engaging the audience, so your call to action (CTA) should be customized and placed accordingly.

On Twitter, for instance, you can include a strong CTA in a tweet and pin it to your profile. Your landing page can be linked in the “Experience” section for your LinkedIn account. Pinterest and Instagram engage audiences through images, so you want to make sure you’re using relevant pictures. Include a short description along with the CTA in your Instagram post, explaining why it’s important that your followers sign up for the email list. For Pinterest, have your CTA pinned on your own board with a directly relevant image.

Facebook gives you multiple options to get your CTA across. Creating compelling content, featuring links to your landing page in posts, and using a picture with a CTA as your main image are some ways to do this.  CTA buttons and sign up buttons can also be activated in Facebook to further encourage more people to sign up.  


Start a Petition Campaign

Another way to grow your list is by running a petition campaign. This is quite an effective strategy that accomplishes two goals side by side: you get support for a social cause, and the supporters in turn provide you with their email addresses which can be added to your list.

You can start by sending out the petition to your existing email list and posting it on your webpage and social media handles. Supporters will ultimately sign and pass it along to their own circle of friends and acquaintances, adding to the list.  Additionally, you can also request organizations and prominent public figures who share your vision to circulate the petition to get more supporters.   

Swap Lists

Partnering with individuals and organizations who share a similar vision is a great way to increase you email list. Having other people on board who have a comprehensive list can really benefit you and you can significantly increase your own.

You can request former candidates who held office for the same position or district as the one you’re contesting to give you access to a specific voter list. These may be rented or purchased. You can also get in touch with voter data vendors who have an extensive list formulated from previous campaigns. Be sure you partner with the right entity that can help you expand your list!

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