Increasing Email Open Rates: X Types of Email Subject Lines

There are about a TON of emails sent out every day; a whopping 105 billion alone are sent out each day. Yet, only 15-22% of these will ever be opened. So, how do you make sure that the email you send out is one of those select few?

An impressive subject line is the answer.

Around 33% of people say that a subject line is what compels them to open an email. If your subject line is catchy enough, the contents of your email are going to be read.

These types of email subject lines can increase the chances of your email being read.

Short and Simple

Short and succinct is the order of the day; even a single word like ‘Hey’ can surprisingly do wonders; it worked for Obama. Simple subject lines are casual, vague enough to tempt the reader to read on and it’s definitely not a subject line you’d expect from the president of the country! But its simplicity is what makes it so surprising and effective.

Personalization Matters

Adding a personal touch to your email’s subject lines can help increase the open rates. Personalizing the subject line, such as using the recipient’s name, location, or any other relevant personal info can make a difference. In fact, it can increase the click-through rate by 14%. People are more likely to open an email that starts with “Hey John!” than “Dear Valued Receiver.”

Everyone Responds to a Sense of Urgency

While all the emails that you send out are important, the ones you use for fundraising campaigns are particularly so. Creating a sense of immediacy through your subject lines can make readers curious to find out what’s in the email. Choosing attention-grabbing words such as “important” and “urgent” can be effective.


A Little Capitalization can Help Out

The use of a capitalized subject line can also help increase the click-through rates. Capitalization is attention-grabbing by nature so using it in your subject line can prompt the reader to open the email to find out what it says. But remember, a little goes a long way; don’t go crazy with the capitalization!

Highlighting Recent News

People are always up for reading a bit of breaking news and you can give it to them, through your subject line. You can include a bit of current news in your subject line, hinting the readers to open the email to learn more, thus increasing your open rate.


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