How You Can Use Encrypted Email Services to Freely Discuss Politics and Stay Safe


With modern discussion forums becoming politically charged, difference of opinions and conflicting allegiances are brewing conflicts that have curtailed the freedom of speech.

Political opinions, social standpoints and personal opinions are no longer personal property; the moment they are uttered in a public space they are subject to critique and even reprimand. With the global political arena diversifying, there are exponential risks of outbursts, disagreements and even life threats—just based on difference of opinion.

In an oppressive social climate such as this, the freedom of speech is violated even more despite legal obligations that state otherwise. The need to protect one’s self and one’s views is the need of the hour.

Even those who do have something different to offer in political discussions prefer to remain silent for the sanctity of their wellbeing. While this is a personal decision that each individual is entitled to make, there need to be ways to go through with it and secure the confidentiality of political views.

This does not entail that political discussions will be eliminated. It means that secure cyber spaces will be chosen to conduct these discussions instead of wasting words in politically-volatile public platforms.

Here are a few safe ways of discussing politics safely and freely online.

Find a Safe and Reliable Email Provider

Email addresses that conclude with popular providers like Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo are not entirely safe to use if you fear your email content can be politically sensitive. This is because these platforms which are supposedly private means of communication are not so private after all.

Intermediaries like your ISP or your recipient’s ISP and several other servers along the way obstruct direct delivery of private messages. This also means that each stop during the journey retains a copy of the text at its station preventing your data from remaining as confidential as you may want it to be.

This is why reliable email service providers are now offering domains that can help conceal your identity so that you may enjoy your freedom to discuss politics or any sensitive issue.

Encryption of Emails

With hacking becoming second nature to cyber surfing, it is a necessity to protect your personal communication channels with impenetrable codes.

This is why encryption is becoming a popular practice that ensures whatever content is written and shared over emails is preserved within a seal of confidentiality. Not only does this act like a safe vault, but also renders the content useless for third-parties because it is protected by a code.

Even if a hacker was to copy the content on their computer they wouldn’t be able to decipher what is being said because the language isn’t decrypted. This process of encryption and decryption is protected by a system of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) which ensures that only someone possessing the private key can decode the message.

Political discussions are a healthy way of navigating through a political turmoil when it strikes. Without discussion and debate, our intellectual growth would remain stunted.

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