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10 Qualities To Look For When Choosing Your Political Email Service

We live in a time where things are more partisan than they have ever been. Saying that you support the ‘wrong’ candidate at the wrong gathering can get you ostracized from that group of people. It can also leave you in a constant cycle of accountability. This is where private political email domains come in.

A political email service provider can make it easy for you to express your views, while simultaneously keeping them as private or public as you want them to be.  It can also help you achieve clout with your friends, because of how professional having one looks. Whatever your reasons may be, here’s what you should look for in a political email service.

1. Privacy and Safety

This is by far the most important thing to keep in mind when looking for a service. Insist on the fact that all data needs to be stored in strongly encrypted hardware, and that the site uses https instead of mere http. Also, make sure that the service is a known quantity, and that many people use it.

2. Versatility

The best services will provide you with a wide coverage of political affiliations in terms of the email domains they provide. This is important because you want your email address to properly represent your political views at the time.

3. Affordability

Political emails domains are immensely useful to have, but it’s also important to find one that doesn’t break the bank. Look around till you find a service that has all the features you need and is also priced reasonably.

4. Storage

Most political email services give you a paltry amount of storage that will quickly run out if you’re circulating a lot of high-quality political material. The best ones have multiple storage options, which give you the versatility to choose one that fits you.

5. Spam Filtering

We take spam filtering for granted on our normal email services. But it’s important that your political email also have powerful spam filtering so that you’re not inundated with useless emails. It’s important to have a focused inbox that keeps you grounded in the things that actually matter to you.

6. A Solid Privacy Policy

Make sure you take the time out to read the privacy policy of the service you’re signing up for. You should know if the company willingly shares any data with outside sources, and whether you’re alright with that.

7. Other Tools

Find out what other tools the service provides apart from just the basics. A good desktop application is always a plus, so are video and voice chat features. One of the more under-looked features is interoperability; basically, how your political email talks to other services.

8. Political E-Marketing

Find out if your service is well suited to help you execute a political campaign. There’s a lot of factors that go into this; whether it’s contact management tools, or linking to email lists, good political email marketing tools can be the difference between whether you win a campaign or not.

9. Support

Good customer support is non-negotiable. The custom nature of political email software means that you will need assistance on occasion. Listen to what people are saying about customer service because the worst reviews are usually reserved for this part of an organization.

10. Mobile Access

Mobile access is at the center of everything today. The service you choose should have some solution for accessing and managing your email on mobile. This can be through standard protocols or a proprietary app. is one of the most powerful web tools for anonymous online email domains. Contact us to get your personalized political domain today!

Top Tips To Keep Your Political Emails Out Of The Junk Folder

“Congratulations, you’ve been selected for our lucky draw!”

“[Insert name here] YOU’VE JUST WON 1 MILLION DOLLARS! Click Here to Avail Your Prize”

“[Insert Name Here], Did You Know Your Horoscope Says THIS About You?”

We’ve all received such emails in our lives at least once. And as much as we’d like to click on them to read what they have to say, we all know they probably lead to some kind of scam.

Luckily, such emails are automatically sent to our junk mail/spam folder. They are then deleted after a certain period of time. Not having to deal with them helps us focus on the emails we are actually invested in.

When it comes to political campaigns, that’s the last folder you want your emails to end up in! 

You’ve Got Mail: Keeping Your Emails Out of the Spam Folder

One of the biggest mistakes Donald Trump made in his campaign—which cost him millions of dollars—was not having a better understanding of email deliverability.

But that can be easily avoided with preventive measures. Here’s what you can do:

Create Your OWN Email List

What you tell your readers in your email is no doubt incredibly important. But if you’re saying it to the wrong audience, it won’t take you anywhere.

You can’t send a 13 year old child an email asking them to vote for you. The things you need to avoid doing include:

  •  Purchasing an email list from a third-party
  •  Sharing contacts with your partner
  •  Using a robot to collect emails (This is known as email harvesting)

You need to utilize your own contacts instead of randomly sending emails to random people. The best way to achieve this by creating a strong presence online via social networking.

Use A Subdomain

One of the mistakes Trump made during his political campaign was that he sent emails directly via

Since most people he sent emails to did not recognize the domain, their email provider automatically sent them to the junk folder. This resulted in millions of dollars worth of loss.

You can register yourself for a domain with an email provider. Not only will this help you reach out to your target audience, but it will also allow you to send the emails anonymously. is one of the best political email services out there, and can provide you with safe and anonymous email services. Take your political campaign to new heights with our political email lists.  

Feel free to contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!