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Protect Yourself From Email Harassment: How You Can Guard Your Political Opinion And Online Presence

Today’s world is dictated by cyberspace and governed by virtual reality. The online arena is no longer subservient to real life issues but instead dominates the mindshare of the world. In a first-world country like America, which has one of the largest online presences in the world, there’s also a great risk involved: that of having your security compromised and your peace of mind threatened.

Are You Safe Online?

About 64% Americans have faced some sort of data breach online. Cyber threats are no longer a concern for just the notable, as everyone is at risk of having their privacy violated. It was only a week ago that 50 million Facebook users had their information put at risk due to a massive, worldwide attack. These 50 million people weren’t politicians or bigshots with intelligence data saved in their accounts: these were people like you, people who use online platforms for the purpose of communication and socialization, people whose privacy and personal information is just as important as any important person’s. Data breaches are occurring at an insane rate, on grounds of which practicing virtual vigilance becomes the need of the hour.

Can a Date Breach Harm You?

It might appear inconsequential and insignificant to you that your online information is vulnerable, after all, what’s the most a hacker can do? Have full access to your personal opinions? Know exactly where your political affiliations lie? That, and much more—and it can hurt you. In this post-truth age, your opinions can hurt people’s sentiments and “trigger” them to affect extreme reactions. Ignoring your online vulnerability can prove pernicious and even pestiferous. No one but you has the right to know where your loyalties lie, information which in the worst case scenarios can be used to inflict injury. Your self is only safe as long as your information remains in secret.

Can Your Emails Be Compromised?

If Hillary Clinton’s emails can be compromised, yours can be too—that is, unless you take preventive action.  Your emails contain your most sensitive information: all your social media accounts are linked to them, your job and banks and all your personal information is embedded in them. Creating a safe email address for purposes general or specific is the smartest option in today’s world.

Always Have a Strong Password




All of the above are examples of some of the weakest—and some of the most common— passwords in the country. These passwords aren’t even weak: they’re useless. Always make your passwords a complex blend of alphabets, numerals, and symbols. Fluctuate between upper and the lower cases. Just don’t make them so difficult that you’ll forget them yourselves!

Be Always Vigilant

Phishing, spamming, scamming—all are frequently occurring phenomena in the online world. Make sure that you double check everything that ends up in your emails and DON’T click on anything if there’s any doubt regarding its credibility.

Constantly Update Your Privacy Settings

Annually if not biannually, review your privacy settings and ensure that everything is in working order. Never ignore unusual or suspicious activity.

Get a Fool-Proof, Super-Secure Email

Your best bet is signing up for an email service provider whose principal priority is people’s privacy. Our email services are specifically designed to protect your confidential information and identity while at the same time maximizing your outreach. If you have any questions, check out our webpage.

The Role Of Email Marketing In The Social Media Era

There seems to be a common misconception among many that email marketing is dead and that there’s no need to be using it. It could be because the world is evolving at a rapid pace and we our demands are ever-changing; it could also be because technology is changing and advancing, improving and becoming better day by day.

Nevertheless, email marketing is in fact, very much alive and thriving!

From helping Barack Obama raise $500 million in donations to helping Bernie Sanders set a fundraising record, email marketing is also a powerful tool for political campaigning.

That’s not the only thing; the number of email users is set to hit 4.1 billion active users by 2021. Also, email marketing has an ROI rate of a staggering 3,800%!

Let’s see how it is still relevant in today’s world.

Most People Still Check Their Email Regularly

Despite the meteoric rise of social media in the recent years, email is still holding up its own. Many people check their emails daily and use it regularly as a way of communicating with others. Surveys have shown that 91% of Americans check their mail once a day, while a large majority checks their email multiple times throughout the day.

Some deem other social media networks to be too informal for some purposes. This is why email serves as a good platform for direct business dealing, providing brand information, and with lesser clutter than social media.

Customers Appreciate Emails

As long as something holds value to the customers, it is of relevance. According to a marketing report, 95% of customers who opted for marketing emails find the information provided useful for purchase decisions. If your consumers are receiving your emails, they are willing to find out about your brand’s message and are more likely to engage with you. If they don’t want any interactions, they’ll simply unsubscribe.

Emails Make It More Possible to Stand Out

Amidst funny videos and casual content that is characteristic of social media; your brand’s message may never reach its target audience. Email marketing is a more direct channel of interacting with consumers on a one-to-one basis. You can maintain a channel of correspondence that is likely to have a greater response rate than other forms of marketing. People are more likely to respond when they’re addressed directly.

You Can Engage Existing Customers

While you need new customers to keep your business on a steady growth rate; existing customers can help increase your overall ROI by reducing costs and improving sales. You can engage existing customers and maintain loyalty by offering them coupons, exclusive items, and relevant information. is one of the top providers of private and safe political email addresses in the U.S. If you’re in search of online anonymity, we can help you out.