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5 Essential Steps for Keeping Your Email Safe

Cyber attacks continue to threaten the security of email domains and cause privacy breaches. In 2014, the accounts of about 110 million Americans were hacked, exposing their private information. With threats from hackers and scammers increasing by the day, how can you keep your email safe and secure?   

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

This simple but effective strategy can prove to be a strong security measure. How this basically works is by ensuring that the person signing in needs to verify two specific items before they can access their email. Thus, even if someone manages to get your password, they’ll still be required to verify a second piece of information before they can move ahead. This could be anything from a secret question to your cell number or even your fingerprint.

Create a Strong Password

Don’t underestimate the strength of a solid password! The age-old myth is true; a strong password does help you secure your email account. According to a recent study by Google highlighting 1.9 billion usernames as well as passwords to have been exposed, the most frequently used password was found to be “123456789”. Avoid using such passwords and use at least 16 characters comprising of alphabets, special characters, as well as numbers.

Be Wary Of Unknown Senders

Unless you know the person who sent you the email, never open the attachments and links attached with the message. This is how spammers and hackers get access to your account information, and you do not want to give them the chance.

While it’s easy to detect most spam emails, some of them are crafted sophisticatedly and can be deceiving.  They might actually look genuine, but are just as malicious as any other spam message. Be cautious about the email you receive and preferably delete messages from unknown senders which contain suspicious links or attachments.

Never Answer a Spam Email

This seems pretty obvious, but you would be surprised to know how often people reply to a spam message telling the sender not to bother them anymore. By responding to the email, you’re confirming that your email address is authentic and in use, and are making room for spammers to further target your account. Ignore what Nike says and just don’t do it!

Use Encrypted Email

The best way to secure your email is by having it encrypted. Doing this protects all of your confidential data, making your emails inaccessible to an intruder.

In the off chance that a hacker does get access to your account, they still won’t be able to read your emails or obtain the sensitive information exchanged online. Moreover, having your email encrypted will also filter out spam and malware that may be directed your way.

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Why Businesses Need Secure Email Addresses

Still haven’t gotten a secure and encrypted email account for your business? You need to change that right now!

Protect Financial Information

Business emails include records of a lot of transactions and payments made with vendors and clients. Email inboxes of small businesses and startups, in particular, are flooded with bills, receipts, invoices, and various other documents containing sensitive information about their financial records.

Imagine if a hacker were to get their hands on this information. They would get access to the company’s banking account numbers, or an employee’s credit card or social security numbers. This can cause some serious financial damage to the business.

Having an encrypted email address can protect your business. By safeguarding the financial information exchanged between you and your clients, it can ensure nobody else gets access to it. Even if a hacker manages to invade your account, they won’t be able to read the emails containing all that information.

Protect Confidential Information

Personal information, too, is at risk in an unencrypted email account. Considering the amount of private and secretive information that is exchanged over emails, having this privacy breached can have devastating consequences for your business.

A secure email ensures that only the intended recipients get to see the information being exchanged. It maintains the privacy between the two parties, preventing a third party to get access to that information.

Filter Spam Mail Effectively

Unlike the many free email services that do not efficiently filter spam and malware, encrypted email services make this a priority. Sending out email through an insecure email service can get your message marked as spam. Your recipients may never even read that email unless they check their spam folder.

The chances of your email ending up as junk mail are reduced when using a secure business email address. The attachments you may send to clients can be easily accessed as the emails are detected by the digital signature they contain marking them as genuine. Thus, not only does a secure email prevents your email getting marked as spam, it also filters out malware and spamming being directed your way quite effectively.

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How You Can Use Encrypted Email Services to Freely Discuss Politics and Stay Safe


With modern discussion forums becoming politically charged, difference of opinions and conflicting allegiances are brewing conflicts that have curtailed the freedom of speech.

Political opinions, social standpoints and personal opinions are no longer personal property; the moment they are uttered in a public space they are subject to critique and even reprimand. With the global political arena diversifying, there are exponential risks of outbursts, disagreements and even life threats—just based on difference of opinion.

In an oppressive social climate such as this, the freedom of speech is violated even more despite legal obligations that state otherwise. The need to protect one’s self and one’s views is the need of the hour.

Even those who do have something different to offer in political discussions prefer to remain silent for the sanctity of their wellbeing. While this is a personal decision that each individual is entitled to make, there need to be ways to go through with it and secure the confidentiality of political views.

This does not entail that political discussions will be eliminated. It means that secure cyber spaces will be chosen to conduct these discussions instead of wasting words in politically-volatile public platforms.

Here are a few safe ways of discussing politics safely and freely online.

Find a Safe and Reliable Email Provider

Email addresses that conclude with popular providers like Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo are not entirely safe to use if you fear your email content can be politically sensitive. This is because these platforms which are supposedly private means of communication are not so private after all.

Intermediaries like your ISP or your recipient’s ISP and several other servers along the way obstruct direct delivery of private messages. This also means that each stop during the journey retains a copy of the text at its station preventing your data from remaining as confidential as you may want it to be.

This is why reliable email service providers are now offering domains that can help conceal your identity so that you may enjoy your freedom to discuss politics or any sensitive issue.

Encryption of Emails

With hacking becoming second nature to cyber surfing, it is a necessity to protect your personal communication channels with impenetrable codes.

This is why encryption is becoming a popular practice that ensures whatever content is written and shared over emails is preserved within a seal of confidentiality. Not only does this act like a safe vault, but also renders the content useless for third-parties because it is protected by a code.

Even if a hacker was to copy the content on their computer they wouldn’t be able to decipher what is being said because the language isn’t decrypted. This process of encryption and decryption is protected by a system of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) which ensures that only someone possessing the private key can decode the message.

Political discussions are a healthy way of navigating through a political turmoil when it strikes. Without discussion and debate, our intellectual growth would remain stunted.

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The Best Tactics to Build a Political Email List

Looking to expand your political email list for your campaign? Follow these tactics to get maximum outreach!  

Use Social Media

If you’re not using social media for your political campaign, you’re seriously lagging behind.

It’s the digital age where news travels quicker through social media than any other platform and you absolutely must utilize this channel! Unsurprisingly, social media is a great way to build an email list as well.

Add a CTA in your bio that would direct your followers to the landing page or persuade them to sign up for your email list. Different social medial platforms have different ways of engaging the audience, so your call to action (CTA) should be customized and placed accordingly.

On Twitter, for instance, you can include a strong CTA in a tweet and pin it to your profile. Your landing page can be linked in the “Experience” section for your LinkedIn account. Pinterest and Instagram engage audiences through images, so you want to make sure you’re using relevant pictures. Include a short description along with the CTA in your Instagram post, explaining why it’s important that your followers sign up for the email list. For Pinterest, have your CTA pinned on your own board with a directly relevant image.

Facebook gives you multiple options to get your CTA across. Creating compelling content, featuring links to your landing page in posts, and using a picture with a CTA as your main image are some ways to do this.  CTA buttons and sign up buttons can also be activated in Facebook to further encourage more people to sign up.  


Start a Petition Campaign

Another way to grow your list is by running a petition campaign. This is quite an effective strategy that accomplishes two goals side by side: you get support for a social cause, and the supporters in turn provide you with their email addresses which can be added to your list.

You can start by sending out the petition to your existing email list and posting it on your webpage and social media handles. Supporters will ultimately sign and pass it along to their own circle of friends and acquaintances, adding to the list.  Additionally, you can also request organizations and prominent public figures who share your vision to circulate the petition to get more supporters.   

Swap Lists

Partnering with individuals and organizations who share a similar vision is a great way to increase you email list. Having other people on board who have a comprehensive list can really benefit you and you can significantly increase your own.

You can request former candidates who held office for the same position or district as the one you’re contesting to give you access to a specific voter list. These may be rented or purchased. You can also get in touch with voter data vendors who have an extensive list formulated from previous campaigns. Be sure you partner with the right entity that can help you expand your list!

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Increasing Email Open Rates: X Types of Email Subject Lines

There are about a TON of emails sent out every day; a whopping 105 billion alone are sent out each day. Yet, only 15-22% of these will ever be opened. So, how do you make sure that the email you send out is one of those select few?

An impressive subject line is the answer.

Around 33% of people say that a subject line is what compels them to open an email. If your subject line is catchy enough, the contents of your email are going to be read.

These types of email subject lines can increase the chances of your email being read.

Short and Simple

Short and succinct is the order of the day; even a single word like ‘Hey’ can surprisingly do wonders; it worked for Obama. Simple subject lines are casual, vague enough to tempt the reader to read on and it’s definitely not a subject line you’d expect from the president of the country! But its simplicity is what makes it so surprising and effective.

Personalization Matters

Adding a personal touch to your email’s subject lines can help increase the open rates. Personalizing the subject line, such as using the recipient’s name, location, or any other relevant personal info can make a difference. In fact, it can increase the click-through rate by 14%. People are more likely to open an email that starts with “Hey John!” than “Dear Valued Receiver.”

Everyone Responds to a Sense of Urgency

While all the emails that you send out are important, the ones you use for fundraising campaigns are particularly so. Creating a sense of immediacy through your subject lines can make readers curious to find out what’s in the email. Choosing attention-grabbing words such as “important” and “urgent” can be effective.


A Little Capitalization can Help Out

The use of a capitalized subject line can also help increase the click-through rates. Capitalization is attention-grabbing by nature so using it in your subject line can prompt the reader to open the email to find out what it says. But remember, a little goes a long way; don’t go crazy with the capitalization!

Highlighting Recent News

People are always up for reading a bit of breaking news and you can give it to them, through your subject line. You can include a bit of current news in your subject line, hinting the readers to open the email to learn more, thus increasing your open rate.


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Best Email Practices to Help Political Candidates Win

After seeing Donald Trump’s campaign for presidency mostly through Twitter and Barack Obama running fundraising campaigns and raising $690 million through social media, the power of online platforms cannot be underestimated.

Political parties have increasingly been using email campaigning to promote their political agendas and maximize the outreach of their manifestos to the voter bank. This is an excellent way to aim exactly where the eyes are 24/7: phone screens. Not to mention, also the most cost-effective way of campaigning.

Even though email campaigning does give politicians and election candidates a vantage point to call the shots from, but not all shots called are a hit. In order to utilize this opportunity to the fullest there is a lot to learn for amateur candidates hoping to run for office in the future.

Like every game, this also requires skill, experience and expertise to optimize email opening rate and actually succeed in delivering the needful. Success, however, is pivoted to the use of language, tone of voice and some technical tactics.

Here are a few email practices that can prove helpful to political candidates.

Personalize The Email

Email campaigning for political reasons cannot be done from your personal Gmail account. An ID and an email sending service must be made in your name if you are running for office. When creating your own email service and email address it is very important to make sure the recipients know who is addressing them.

It reflects negatively on the candidate if an appeal from them is sent from the support staff or technical team.

How do the voters know this?

If your email address says info@ or support@ the reader will immediately know it is a mass-mail. They would never give the email a second glance. It is important to have your personal name as part of the email address that the recipient sees in their mailbox.

Address By The Name

If your email campaign intends to imitate a private correspondence it should be from a person—not a team or a computer-generated response, and be addressed to a person and not a generic Madam or Sir.

When creating your mailing list, make sure your data includes the recipient’s full name so that emails can communicate with them directly.

Adding a deeper personal touch can demand some extra effort. If you are looking to target a specific area or multiple regions, a simple reference to theirs can localize the email even more. This only serves to build a relation of trust and intimacy.

Maintain Contact

Once you succeed in delivering an email that addresses the person directly, it is natural to expect a response. The worst way to kill your own campaign is to initiate communication with a phrase that says “Do NOT reply to this email.”

There is not a worse way to insult and degrade the recipient for trying to open your email and give you a chance. Always keep the address you are sending emails from as the one which receives replies. This is to ensure continuity of contact with the public.

Catchy Subjects

When choosing a subject line for your emails, make sure to think of an attention-grabbing phrase or word that adds a punch to your introduction.

Something interesting and succinct can decide whether a person opens or deletes your email.

Not only does brevity of words succeed in conveying the most but also make the message clear and easy to understand.

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The Essential Elements of a Fundraising Email

Successful fundraising can take considerable time and effort. Email marketing, however, presents an efficient and cost-effective way of appealing to prospective donors. Sending out numerous emails at the click of a button is a great way of asking for their help and showing your gratitude while not overspending.

If you’re running a political campaign, email marketing should be at the core of your fundraising strategy. Emails are still a much-utilized method of communication and have great potential to engage recipients.

Here are a few essential elements that make up a successful fundraising political email.

Incorporate a Branded Header

It is always useful to incorporate your campaign’s logo in the header of the email. If you have a specific campaign hashtag, you can use that as well. Your email needs to be as far from being ambiguous as it can. Branding your emails will help recipients recognize your campaign and perhaps, recall a previous positive association.

Use Catchy Visuals

People prefer images over text; visual content is easy to go through and understand; it also forms deeper emotional meanings and connections. It can be useful for demonstrating to prospective donors what your campaign and mission are all about. People spend only 1-15 seconds going through an email, and since we process images faster than words, it is vital that you use eye-catchy visuals in your fundraising email.

A Concise Yet Compelling Appeal

The entire point of your fundraising email is to make an appeal to readers; you’re appealing them to make a donation, to vote for you, to support you, etc. So, your appeal should be impressive enough to convince them. The appeal should be able to elaborate on what the problem is, how you can help find the solution, and how the recipients’ donations will directly make an impact in bringing about that solution.

The Perfect Call-To-Action

A fundraising email without a CTA is useless. The whole point of a CTA is to bring the email home and direct readers towards what they should do. Make sure your CTA uses action verbs and lets readers know what the next step to take is. Phrases like “Donate now,” or “Register now” are some useful examples.

Follow Up with a “Thank You” Email

An overlooked part of many fundraising campaigns is the follow-up email thanking donators for making the donation and supporting your campaign. Showing gratitude and giving confirmation for their donation can further cement their support for you and help you in future endeavors as well.


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