• Ordering

  • Is my order payment secure

    USpoliticalemail.com utilizes the best industry standard data encryption at all layers of access including the database.  When you use a web browser you can only go through a strong SSL encrypted web server.  If you use an email client, tablet or phone app you will go through stront TLS email server encyption.  

    The application such as this shopping cart is also encrypted at the website and database level for maximum protection. 

  • How long do I own my email address ?

    When you purchase your email from USpoliticalemail.com the term is for 364 days (1 year) from the date of purchase..  You can easily renew via paypal when coming close to the end of your term.  Paypal is also setup with recurring payments of which you have full control of via PayPal.

  • Can I access my email from my Phone or Tablet as well ?

    YES  Uspoliticalemail.com utilizes the smartermail system which is completely webmail, phone, tablet and Email Client (Outlook and the likes) compatible.  All of your email is accessible from everywhere.

  • NON US purchasers are blocked from the ability to purchase items here.

    The cart has the technology to keep everyone outside of the outlined locations from purchasing email addresses. 

    These locations allowed to purchase emails are:

    United States, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and the UK. 

  • What is created at the time of purchase

    The information created will be your name, address, city, state etc. for the purpose of clearing your payment.  So please use good information that backs up your form of payment.  This information is then encrypted kept in our sales database.  When you enter your First Name, Last Name, Desired email address name, Password at the time of creating your checkout cart entry, it is used to create your email address. PLEASE WRITE DOWN THE PASSWORD YOU USED TO SETUP YOUR EMAIL ON THE BUYNOW PAGE. 

    As an added measure of security, we do not send your password anywhere even via the cart, PayPal or anywhere else.  Please don't share your email password with anyone.   If you should have misplaced your initial setup email, then contact us via contactus page.  we will respond asap.   

    Once you purchase your email you can then log into the webmail client and change the password and setup a recovery email on your first initial login.  If you want to change this information later, you can also do this very easy under your profile in the webmail client.   It is also a good idea to remove or change your email first and last name in the webmail client to reflect what you would like that to say.  It can be your name or a nickname.   

    That's it. You can be as anonymous as you like.


  • Archiving of emails

    You can setup a mail archive but it does get counted in the space used.  If you need more space you can purchase as needed. 

  • Your information is safe.

    Even if someone does a tremedous amount of digging to find out who you through one of the emails you sent, the best they will ever get is the city or state it came from or the ISP. There is nothing specific that can be found or used that points to you.  All lists of users are turned off so they can't query the email information in anyway.  The email system does allow you to put in address information but our system will not do that automatically.  You have to enter this information yourself for it to be in your Webmail Client and it is still not available to the outside world. 

  • Passwords

    From the beginning.  We do not send your email account password around via email, via paypal or any other system.  You need to WRITE DOWN THE INITIAL EMAIL PASSWORD SO YOU CAN CHANGE IT VIA THE WEBMAIL CLIENT.  This can be changed under your profile in the Webmail Client along with adding a recovery email should you forget it later.  

    Should you forget your password you can send a message to us via Contactus link on the main site.  We will get back to you asap, validate who you are and reset the password.  Once that happens you will need to go back in and change it in the Webmail Client. We do not store your passwords in the sales system for the added purpose of security. 

    Passwords need to be at least 6 characters and can have special characters.  Your password will be validated at the time of entry if you make a mistake. 

  • What payment system does USpoliticalemail.com use?

    We use PayPal for all payment transactions.

    Paypal provides a premium level of service and security when it comes to processing money over the internet.  There are many benefits available to the people who purchase products such as "buyer protection".  This way you know when you make a purchase it's from someone reputable.

    Paypal can process Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Your ATM Debit card and you have the option of using your checking account too.   The benefits and value are definitely there. 

  • Security

  • Are the other email domains secure?

    All of the domains we sell and support have the same encryption as the main site. 

    Democratemail.com, Republicanemail.com, Myclintonemail.com, Progressiveemail.com and Nonaffiliatedemail.com have all points of access to the internet protected with SSL / TLS keeping your information safe over the internet. 

  • How secure are the products at USpoliticalemail.com

    USpoliticalemail uses industry standard security at all levels of system access!

    USpoliticalemail.com has every part of our service protected by the best SSL and email TLS out there.   All of your connections whether they are to webmail access, using your Microsoft Outlook or standard POP3 / IMAP email client.  Your connection from the start is encrypted so no one can see the information over the internet.  Every email written and read is protected with this strong industry standard SSL/TLS encryption.