5 Essential Steps for Keeping Your Email Safe

Cyber attacks continue to threaten the security of email domains and cause privacy breaches. In 2014, the accounts of about 110 million Americans were hacked, exposing their private information. With threats from hackers and scammers increasing by the day, how can you keep your email safe and secure?   

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

This simple but effective strategy can prove to be a strong security measure. How this basically works is by ensuring that the person signing in needs to verify two specific items before they can access their email. Thus, even if someone manages to get your password, they’ll still be required to verify a second piece of information before they can move ahead. This could be anything from a secret question to your cell number or even your fingerprint.

Create a Strong Password

Don’t underestimate the strength of a solid password! The age-old myth is true; a strong password does help you secure your email account. According to a recent study by Google highlighting 1.9 billion usernames as well as passwords to have been exposed, the most frequently used password was found to be “123456789”. Avoid using such passwords and use at least 16 characters comprising of alphabets, special characters, as well as numbers.

Be Wary Of Unknown Senders

Unless you know the person who sent you the email, never open the attachments and links attached with the message. This is how spammers and hackers get access to your account information, and you do not want to give them the chance.

While it’s easy to detect most spam emails, some of them are crafted sophisticatedly and can be deceiving.  They might actually look genuine, but are just as malicious as any other spam message. Be cautious about the email you receive and preferably delete messages from unknown senders which contain suspicious links or attachments.

Never Answer a Spam Email

This seems pretty obvious, but you would be surprised to know how often people reply to a spam message telling the sender not to bother them anymore. By responding to the email, you’re confirming that your email address is authentic and in use, and are making room for spammers to further target your account. Ignore what Nike says and just don’t do it!

Use Encrypted Email

The best way to secure your email is by having it encrypted. Doing this protects all of your confidential data, making your emails inaccessible to an intruder.

In the off chance that a hacker does get access to your account, they still won’t be able to read your emails or obtain the sensitive information exchanged online. Moreover, having your email encrypted will also filter out spam and malware that may be directed your way.

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